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relativity world

The set is built and almost dressed.
We are still working on light and navigation.
(Rather proud of this one.)
Have a look

Relativiteit - Relativity
Once I'd really set out on it, it took me about a month to finish the first complete version. The first thing I found out is that Escher had used foot measurements. From there, it was relatively easy. Kept stumbling over one problem: my set was too small along two axes. From there on, it was just drudgery; all puzzles had been solved.
You really should be to be able to walk around in it ŕ la Doom, passing through one of the three doors to warp your ax to another assis. After I'll have solved light and navigation problems, in the process dressing the set more completely, I can turn my mind to animating those weirdos zombieing around in it. By then, it will probably not fit on the web and I'll have to produce a CD.
But watch it! This place is dangerous.
If you find a mistake, or have any comments at all,

Helpful Hint
It's easy to get lost in these wide-open spaces
just hit RESTORE to go back to the START position

Caveat Emptor
While all measurements are accurate as far as the building dimensions are concerned (It All Fits),
I have not tried to replicate the more intricate aspects, like detailing of sculptured columns.
There are two definite points of difference. One actually is an improvement, the other, not so much.
If you can find them, you must have even more patience than I do.

Escher, M.C.
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Old M.C. would have loved Virtual Reality

Relativity is the only one by Escher I found that will work when you lift it from the flat page.
You might think Escher's Other World below would as well,
but it doesn't. Figure it out.
(HINT: Check the horizon.)

andere wereld
"Andere Wereld"

check out the official Escher site

A word of warning: they will tell you there about virtual reality
but they only offer ~4Mb MPEG files—not real VR;
just videos of VR representations showing how those lithos will only work on flat paper
(reading between the lines: no, I don't like them so much)

A Room with a View


Escher saw how he couldn't make the paper bulge:
it obviously remains flat while the litho bulges.
I tried to make a real bulge in VR, so you could walk around it.
But with the techniques I use, it just can't be done.
I first had to get rid of the distortion, which was not so easy.
The above is a combination of three different stages.
It got me nowhere, anyway.

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