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From way back when I uploaded my first website I wanted, and had, a VR section in it. Obviously, this was the way to go. As usual, times were lagging behind and I had to give up to build some landscape simulations of Curaçao island instead; an ongoing project that's really too ambitious for me. Finally, I polished up the first world which I had Created and took it from there. And here you are.

My fascination with 3D/stereo started with the View-Master system, just a kid, mon. I was reaching out for puberty when victimized by the 3D craze hitting the , and started taking stereo pictures before 1965. My fascination with sculpting in digital stereo stems from the 1970s, when I started dreaming about the possibilities it opened. New vistas, so to speak.

Even if it's true 3D tv is just around the corner, we are still a long way from where you can sculpt a venus with your joystick. Ultimately, using our intuition and letting computers take care of the ugly details is the ideal. Well, my ideal. Then, computer lingo has robbed the very term 3D of all its meaning which now is perspective, not anaglyph 2-eye stereo vision. Sure, there are stereo video cards around but how many nerds have them? Even I presently don't.
Thankfully, it is relatively easy to adapt any 3D simulation to real stereo. My old favorite Vistapro had it built in already. The problem, as always in stereo, is presentation. What can one do but wait and plod along?

Added Relativity World, January 2005, AdSense, November 2005

Meanwhile, enjoy these humble fake-stereo offerings
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simulations on this site have been built with
Internet Space Builder
Parallel Graphics

Internet Space Builder is a user-friendly authoring tool suitable for designers of all levels.
With ISB, creating 3D models for the Web is now easier than ever before.
Key features:
Intuitive building metaphor: designing of complex 3D objects from simple elements by merely adding and cutting.
Interactive textures editing and mapping.
Internet compatibility: Internet addresses can be linked to the objects, and the final scenes can be published on the Web.
Friendly interface - no programming required, visual support for all operations!
Comprehensive pre-built galleries - more than 1000 samples of textures, 3D-objects, scenes, landscapes and pictures!

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